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bois ancien, bois de grange a vendre, vieux bois, importateur vieux boisRECLAIMED WOOD PRODUCTS


Bois Antique makes it easy to get your very own custom furniture.
After selecting your favorite shape, wood type and finish, we'll bring it to life and handcraft it just for you.


Sustainable barn wood in Europe

Our antique barn wood siding has been naturally aged for decades resulting to very rich worn texture, coloration and unmatched exclusive beauty.
Original weathered reclaimed barn siding makes beautiful interior and exterior paneling for walls and ceilings, creating a truly unique and naturally aged to perfection look.


The reclaimed wood doors are an important factor that you do not want to miss if your decoration style is based on vintage or rustic style.
We create reclaimed internal doors in any model, colour and dimension, only with authentic old wood.
Reclaimed front doors are an excellent choice for any type of environment.
Bois Antique offers a wide choice of custom reclaimed doors with high quality finishes combined with modern materials.




Bois Antique
Discount reclaimed wood
Barn wood installation


rustic furniture, reclaimed wood furnitureRustic furniture
red barn wood, white barnwood, red claddings, painted barnwoodColoured barnwood
brown barnwood door, reclaimed wood door, old wood doorBrown barn wood door
reclaimecx claddings, barn wood claddingsReclaimed wood planks
oak beams, reclaimed oak beams, old oak beamsReclaimed oak beams
rustic table, barn wood table, recycled wood tableFarmhouse table
reclaimed wagon flooring, ola oak flooringReclaimed wagon flooring
reclaimed pine floorboards, recycled floors, old pine flooringReclaimed pine floorboards
grey barnwood, barn wood claddingsGrey barnwood claddings
rustic dining table, rustic table, farmhouse tableReclaimed wood table
reclaimed flooring, reclaimed oak flooringOld oak flooring
silver barn wood, grey barn wood, barn wood claddingsSilver barnwood claddings
le morta, bog oak, bog wood, bogwoodBog oak
reclaimled claddings, old wood, brown barn woodBrown barnwood claddings
reclaimed internal door, barnwood doors, old wood doorGrey barn wood door
wagon sleepers, reclaimed wagon sleepersReclaimed wagon sleepers
reclaimed wood panels, reclaimed paneling, barnwood panelsReclaimed wood paneling
barn wood claddings, reclaimed claddingsPatchwork barnwood
bog oak, bogwood, morta woodBog wood
reclaimed parquet, reclaimed oak parquet, reclaimed flooringReclaimed parquet
Locate us
+32 487 246 026
+32 484 022 856


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