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The reclaimed wood is a natural wood product usually recovered from old barns and ancient buildings. Available in a very wide range of products the reclaimed wood is nowadays used in many decoration projects either for interior or exterior space.
The most wanted reclaimed wood products still remain the reclaimed floorings and the claddings (or planks).
There are many names assigned to this product like barnwood, old timber, vintage wood, antique wood, etc, but at the end is the same and always a great and unique product able to bring life to your living spaces.
Now that i've shared with you what is the reclaimed wood, its's time for you to learn how to install it.
Here below you will find the most basic reclaimed cladding decoration guide, but be aware that there are a lot many different installation styles out there, they all depends on your skills and the type of finishes that you intend to have.

First of all we advice that installing reclaimed wood claddings should be done by a professional carpenter, the difficulty level for this type of work is between medium and difficult depending on the style you adopt and the surface were it will be installed.

    • STAGE 1

      STAGE 1


      Before starting the reclaimed wood installation we recommend that you have all the materials and the tools needed for this type of work.
      Always remember, when you order your reclaimed woods, think to add an extra +10% needed quantity, this is considered loss material. Trust me it will be somme loss material involved.
      For a better result but also to improve the installation speed, try to order your reclaimed wood with tongue and groove, or at least every board calibrated and planned. (The barnwood in raw condition has different sizes by board. This means that one cladding can have at one end for ex. 14 cm, and at the other end 18 cm. Calibrating the board will make our cladding the same width).


      • Hammer
      • Chisel
      • Pliers
      • Stapler + Staples
      • Miter saw
      • Angle jigsaw
      • Drill + bits
      • Compressor
      • Nail gun (min 40 mm)
      • Electric screwdriver
      • Level tool or a laser
      • Measuring roller
      • Pencil


      • Reclaimed wood cladding
      • Slats (min 2.5 cm)
      • Wood Shims
      • Black canvas (similar used to roof coverings works)

    • STAGE 2

      STAGE 2


      The surface were you want to install the reclaimed wood can be a brick wall, a concrete wall, a plastered wall or even an wooden wall. The reclaimed wood can be install on any surfaces, therefore is important that you verify if the surface is straight (height level speaking), otherwise you need to adjust this before you can proceed with the installation process.
      The surface can be adjusted easily by placing the slats vertically at the same level, if case add somme wood shims behind the slats to adjust the position.
      Very important before you place the slats you have to decide either if you install the reclaimed wood vertically or horisontally.
      There are many styles you can choose for the reclaimed wood installation process, but this time we will choose the horizontally style.


      For this style you have to place the slats horizontally, disposed every 40 centimeters.
      (see photo here below)

      how to install reclaimed wood

      For this style you have to place the slats vertically, disposed every 40 centimeters.
      (see photo here below)

      reclaimed wood installation
    • ETAPE 3

      STAGE 3


      Once the surface is prepared and the slats are placed every 40 centimeters, you can now proceed to place the black canvas layer on the whole surface were the reclaimed wood will be installed. You can place the black canvas with a stapler.
      Maybe you ask yourself why do i need a black surface behind my reclaimed wood claddings???
      Well there is a good reason for that. As you know any type of wood will react differently in time during the temperature changements and even humidity, therefore between the boards will appear somme small open spaces called (joints). At that point the role of the black surface behind your reclaimed wood claddings is crucial because it will prevent seeing what's behind the wood( the wall, or the bricks will not be visible).
      Choosing a black canvas is not a necessary option, you can always simply paint the surface were the claddings will be installed in black colour. The result is similar, just in a few words : it is advised to have a black surface behind your reclaimed wood claddings.

      We advice to start playing the barnwood claddings from top to bottom.
      For exemple if you choose a horizontally installation style, like in our case here, start placing the first cladding counter the ceiling.
      Always remember to verify the level of the first cladding before placing it.
      The reason for starting the installation from top to bottom is because no matter from what angle you will look at your brand new reclaimed wall, the top side will always be visible. The bottom side is hardly noticeable.

      how to install reclaimed wood
      reclaimed wood installation
    • STAGE 4

      STAGE 4


      After everything is prepared as mentioned in the previous stages now you are ready to place the boards.
      Remember always to use very thin nails, do not ever use screws on the reclaimed wood decoration projects. The screws will be always visibles and therefore a bad result.
      We usually use nail guns helped by an air compressor.
      Place the boards aleatory, do not try to make a special plan or design (do that only if required).
      Thanks to the natural color of the reclaimed wood we guarantee that at the end you will have a discreet mixture of colours on all the surface.
      Never forget that each reclaimed wood cladding has a unique patina and a different fibber, you won't find 2 boards 100% similar.
      This is the whole purpose of the reclaimed wood decoration, unique in every way.

      Thank you for taking your time to read our installation guide. We do apologise fro any translation errors, but in the end we hope you got the idea.

      installing the reclaimed wood
      reclaimed wood installation guide

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