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Old wood claddings, sale reclaimed wood planks
Nothing can match a unique and charming environment decorated with an authentic old wood. Even a simple panel or an reclaimed wood shelf will bring a natural and unique element to piece, and this works even if the room is contemporain or traditional by adding a lot of character and warmth.
A reclaimed wood table is an easy way to add a "old wood" note, but why not think to use an old wood board to create a bed panel, or even another type of old wood to create a mirror frame.
The barn wood will bring a lot of character and charm to your interior and exterior living spaces.
Bois Antique offers a wide range of reclaimed wood materials salvaged from old barns like old claddings and planks, reclaimed floorings, hand made reclaimed wood furnitures and more.
We have also large quantities of reclaimed oak wagon sleepers or boards naturally aged, salvaged from old trains that have transited all Europe back in the days.
The oak wagon boards can be use in many decoration projects, but also to create custom reclaimed tables and furnitures.
The reclaimed claddings are available in many types of old wood in different sizes and colours. Discover the reclaimed alder wood, a unique patine with less fibber and a silver tone.
In order to create reclaimed wood furniture we also provide plywood in old wood, in 3 layer or 5 layers with One or two sides in reclaimed wood.
The reclaimed plywood panels are very easy to work with and the quality of the finishes will be very good.
La gamme de bardage bois ancien que nous proposons est très large en vous proposant différentes essences de bois en plusieurs couleurs. Découvrez le bardage en vieux aulne en gris et brun, produit bois ancien unique, avec une patine qui présente moins des fibres visibles.
We manufacture reclaimed plywood panels in our work shops using only authentic old wood.

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